About Us

Red Trolley Studio

We specialize in capturing moments while documenting big family events

Maui Elopement photographer
We take a personal approach to every newly engaged couple. We love hearing their stories, getting to know them, and learn about their special relationships with family and friends. Even though there are lots of details, efort and investment put into the wedding itself, at the end of the day what really matters is beloved people surrounding a couple on the wedding day.

What comes to your mind when you think: “Why should I hire a wedding photographer? What are the reasons?” This is a very simple question, but it shouldn’t be ignored because the answers will help you understand your needs. Here are the things that we value:

  • Love, family and friendship
  • Experiences over material things
  • Fully experience the occasion with family and friends and have a piece of mind that professionals capture it

If your values are similar to ours, then we look forward to working with you to document your special day.

We believe, photographing from the heart is the only way to show not just how you looked on the wedding day, but also how you felt. Welcome to Red Trolley Studio, our vision of documenting the day from the heart.

Photography by  Jayleigh Daniel